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Is there a vendor that sells the Chronicle in the New York tri-state area?


Sorry, no we don’t. But you could sign up for all digital access. This includes access to the San Francisco Chronicle app for the iPad, San Francisco Chronicle e-edition (an exact replica of the newspaper but online), and our premium website

To sign up, you can go to:

If you’re still interested in a hard copy of the paper, we do offer mail subscriptions.For more information on mail subscriptions, you can call 1-800-310-2455 or email

Can't get to the e-edition this morning. Able to log-in to customer services but clicking the e-edition button bounces back to customer services. ETC for a fix?


If you log in to our Subscriber Services site with an active subscription and then click “Today’s e-edition,” you should be redirected to Olive’s website — the ODE or OMV, depending on your device type.

I just tested it with my own subscription and it worked fine.  There is a known issue where clicking “Today’s e-edition” first (when not logged in) will bring you to the login prompt, but you won’t be redirected to the e-edition pass through page after successfully logging in.  (Meaning you’d have to click “Today’s e-edition” again.)

If you’re using Internet Explorer 9 or later, make sure compatibility mode is turned off.  Otherwise, you can always clear your cache, reload the page and try again.  Also, make sure the subscription you’re managing after logging in is active!

Were can I purchase a San Francisco Chronicle in Las Vegas Nevada


We currently do not offer home delivery in Las Vegas, NV and I checked and there are no vendors around there that sell it. You can get digital access by visiting the link below. With Ultimate Access you will have access to (the premium website), San Francisco Chronicle e-edition (exact replica of the newspaper but digital), and the San Francisco Chronicle app for iPad.

San Francisco Chronicle Ultimate Access

problem with today's (Sunday) digital chronicle: At 7 AM, I could view the ODE, but nothing happened after I clicked on the "download PDF" link. At 9 AM, I couldn't even view the ODE, with IE saying "the website cannot display the page." I'm using WIndows 7. Clearing the cache and cookies made no difference.


Sorry for the delay in response. Try it now. We had some issues with with the e-edition that have since been resolved.

Apr 7

re: pdfs. This is becoming impossible. On Fri it took over 20 tries. On Sat, over 40 tries to get a complete file. Haven't succeeded today. I have no problems downloading much larger (gig sized) files from other sources. My guess is that Olive's server is sending a spurious "end of file" signal so that my end stops and thinks the download succeeded. When other servers fail during downloads, my software indicates either a fail or stall. Please deal w/ the problem.


Very good point.  This makes me think the issue is not the servers timing out during the download — you should have an unusable file in that case.  It’s as if the process that creates the PDF is tanking.

Apr 3

I'm new to Android, having purchased an HP Slate 7 Extreme. I just downloaded the e-edition of today's Chronicle via the download arrow on the Olive site, but now I cannot find the downloaded file on my device. Any suggestions?


The offline viewing feature in the OMV (mobile version of the e-edition) does not download a file, per se, to your device.  It’s not a PDF, ePub or anything of that sort.

What it does is cache all the data for that edition you were viewing to your browser’s cache.  If you clear your cache or close the window when you were in a private/incognito browsing session, you’ll lose that saved edition.  If you download another edition, it replaces the first one.  That it to say, the OMV offline viewing option can only store a single edition at a time.

So the saved edition is still in your cache, you would access it by loading the page back up in your browser.

I’m hoping Olive makes improvements to this in the feature.  At the very least some on-screen help or an FAQ!  Adding actual file downloads to the OMV would also be a fantastic enhancement

Apr 1

Why do I now receive email eedition SPAM from the Chron? If I wanted an electronic version, I'd subscribe to it. If I wanted SPAM, I'd opt in.


OK, then click the unsubscribe link in the email or go to the Subscriber Services site, click “Your Profile” and update your email preferences.

I’m not going to hide the fact that we’ll treat the lack of an opt out as “eligible to receive emails.”  But if you don’t make the effort to opt out, you’ll keep getting various types of emails from us.  The opt out links in the emails sent to subscribers update the appropriate email preference.  When you start a new subscription on our website some (but not all) of the email preferences are presented to you at the step where you create your username and password for your subscription.

It might be worth defining the email preferences as they exist now:

We send a weekly newsletter for to highlight popular and editor’s choice (if you will) stories from the previous week.  That has its own email preference.

There’s the daily e-edition notice, meant to give readers a convenient way of logging in to the e-edition.  That has its own email preference.

There are promotional type emails.  These could be special announcements, offers to former subscribers, and more.  That has its own email preference.

There are 3rd party/advertiser emails that, frankly, we rarely if ever send.  That has its own email preference.

There are the member events/rewards emails, such as opportunities for free tickets to museum exhibits, concerts and more.  That finally has its own email preference. (Early emails used the promotional email pref.)

There are survey emails, which should be self explanatory.  That finally has its own email preference.  (The giant survey blast we did a few weeks back used the promtional email pref.)  Our marketing department also conducts surveys on their own, to both subscribers and non-subscribers.  Unfortunately that probably means we have two sets of survey email preferences floating around.  I’ll have to look into that.

Finally, there are the “transactional” emails.  Verifications for new subscriptions, verifications for redelivery requests, the “Activate Now!” email we send to unregistered subscribers on Tuesdays, and more.  Those also have their own email preference when you click the opt-out link.  However, for some reason, there is no opt in method for that one.  So be careful with those — if you actually want those redelivery and vacation restart confirmation emails, don’t click the opt out link.

We also have a Do Not Email flag that can exist on a subscription.  That’s not something you can currently manage on Subscriber Services, but a CSR can set the flag on your subscription in our circulation/customer management system.  Also, if email addresses hard bounce (undeliverable) with the right reasons or enough times (as the case may be), they’ll get globally unsubscribed in our email service provider’s system.  This kind of data should be flowing back into our campaign management data to flag emails as invalid, flagged for DNE, etc.  We take this stuff very seriously, in spite of what some customers might think!

Honestly, I’d like to add MORE email preferences if they are distinct enough to be meaningful.  It’s something I’m mulling over, basically being in charge of all of our internet-based sales and retention efforts.  It’s important to me that customers have sufficient control over the electronic communications they receive from us!

Apr 1

final epub followup: On my wifi-only Android tablet, I don't care about ODE per se, but I do care about epub access. Motels in some countries offer free wifi but limit the number of megabytes per day; and the epub download is much more compact than downloading via the OMV download icon. For instance, downloading yesterday's Sunday paper requires 173 MB via OMV, but only 4.3 MB with epub.


That’s a very good point.

Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but… One of my comments to Olive before we even switched to them was that the lack of download options in the OMV would be a problem for enough users to be noticable.  Seems like no one believed me, yet here we are having this conversation.

epub follow-up: I know how to download the epub format from the ODE. The problem is that I can no longer view the ODE on my tablet. The OMV comes up by default. It used to have an icon that let me switch to ODE, but that icon is no longer there; in its place is an icon labeled FS ("find and save"), which brings up advertising circulars. In short, there's no longer a way to get the ODE on my tablet, and that's why I can't access the epub format. Please fix!


Ah, got it.

Not to dismiss the issue, but you’re really not supposed to use the ODE from a mobile device.  Still, I’ll report this to Olive.

Using my Android tablet (Nexus 7), I could until recently bring up the OMV edition, click an icon to change to ODE, and then download the Chronicle in epub format. This is much more efficient than using the download arrow, and lets me store more than one day at a time. Recently, however, the icon was replaced by a useless one that shows the advertising circulars, and I can no longer download the epub version. Can you restore the epub capability?


In the ODE, you click the floppy disk icon in the toolbar and choose the “Download ePub” option.  Are you saying you don’t see that?  Or that it doesn’t actually download the ePub file for a given day’s edition?

Not in a position to test the file I downloaded, but I got a roughly 4MB ePub file out of the ODE version of the Sunday 3/30/14 edition.

And, yes, the OMV’s offline viewing option only allows a single day to be cached.  (And it’s literally in your browser’s cache when you do that.)