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How much is service to Seattle WA?


Depends on what type of service you would like. Below I have listed out the rates for each service we provide.

Mail subscriptions - By 1st class (1-3 days to mail and receive) or 2nd class mail (3-10 days to mail and receive).

Daily and Sunday (7 days) - $16.98/week for 2nd class, $34.15/week for 1st class

Daily Only (6 days, no Sunday) - $14.53/week for 2nd class, $25.40/week for 1st class

Sunday Only - $7.29/week for 2nd class, $10.75/week for 1st class

Ultimate Access - Access to all 3 digital products, no print delivery.

Digital products include: the premium website, San Francisco Chronicle app for the iPad, and the e-edition which is an exact replica on the newspaper but online. You can sign up for that in the link below.

Ultimate Access is $12.00/month.

You can also just subscribe to just the e-edition or just the iPad app.

e-edition - $99 for 52 weeks

iPad - $5.99/month or $59.99/year

Feel free to contact us at 1-800-310-2455 or emailing

Page A13 (editorials) is missing in both the 8/1/14 e-edition and the pdf download.


Sorry for the late reply. It is there now. We were missing some pages but they have since been uploaded.

Where is the table of contents on the printed edition?


At the very bottom of A1, there is an Index.

I returned from my vacation early -- how do I resume paper delivery from a prior vacation hold?


You can call or email us at 1-800-310-2455 or

how to I cancel the San Francisco Chronicle?


To cancel your subscription, you can email us at or call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-310-2455.

Courtesy notice about recent orders made online

There are some orders from our 72 hour sale that need to be routed for home delivery. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Normally, orders made online start within 1-2 days depending on delivery schedule. This will just add 2-3 more days.

Thanks for your patience!


Our 72 hour sale has been extended through Monday 7/14! Get Monday through Sunday delivery plus all digital access for just $99 for a FULL YEAR!

San Francisco Chronicle 72 hour subscription sale happening NOW until Sunday!

Just go to

San Francisco Chronicle 72 hour subscription sale happening NOW until Sunday!

Just go to

Food+Home is here!

Today we launched the new Food+Home section. This combines the previously separate Food & Wine and Home & Garden sections to create a more robust 16-plus page lifestyle section that explores trends and news in food, wine, entertaining, gardening, and home design.

Be sure to check it out every Sunday!

Email Deliverability Update

Unfortunately it looks like we’ve caught the eye of another spam filtering agency. Friday’s newsletter had a lot of problems being delivered. Reviewing the delivery data, the re-delivery verification, new start verification, vacation re-start verification, and in-grace warning emails were also affected on Friday.

The block must have started after the e-edition emails went out on Friday morning. The block does not seem to have affected this morning’s e-edition emails.

Until we know for sure that the block has been lifted, we are going to assume that delivery rates will be poor for most emails over the next day or two. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. We know that the daily e-edition email is very important to many of you, so we’re hoping it’s not impacted.

While on the subject, if you’re getting emails from us and want them to stop, reporting the emails as spam is NOT the proper solution. We provide opt-out links in the emails, a set of email preference on our Subscriber Services site (on the “Your Profile” page), and you can contact Customer Service to request to be added to the Do Not Email list.

Finally, we want to point out that we’re working on logic to suppress email addresses for subscribers that are quite simply ignoring the emails we send. We haven’t settled on the exact rules for that (how many emails delivered? How many days without opening one?), but I’ll post here again to explain what we do. In the meantime, if you’re afraid of being dropped from a given list/campaign/type of email, open one up if it was sent within the last 14 days.