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Courtesy notice about recent orders made online

There are some orders from our 72 hour sale that need to be routed for home delivery. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Normally, orders made online start within 1-2 days depending on delivery schedule. This will just add 2-3 more days.

Thanks for your patience!


Our 72 hour sale has been extended through Monday 7/14! Get Monday through Sunday delivery plus all digital access for just $99 for a FULL YEAR!

San Francisco Chronicle 72 hour subscription sale happening NOW until Sunday!

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San Francisco Chronicle 72 hour subscription sale happening NOW until Sunday!

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Food+Home is here!

Today we launched the new Food+Home section. This combines the previously separate Food & Wine and Home & Garden sections to create a more robust 16-plus page lifestyle section that explores trends and news in food, wine, entertaining, gardening, and home design.

Be sure to check it out every Sunday!

Email Deliverability Update

Unfortunately it looks like we’ve caught the eye of another spam filtering agency. Friday’s newsletter had a lot of problems being delivered. Reviewing the delivery data, the re-delivery verification, new start verification, vacation re-start verification, and in-grace warning emails were also affected on Friday.

The block must have started after the e-edition emails went out on Friday morning. The block does not seem to have affected this morning’s e-edition emails.

Until we know for sure that the block has been lifted, we are going to assume that delivery rates will be poor for most emails over the next day or two. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. We know that the daily e-edition email is very important to many of you, so we’re hoping it’s not impacted.

While on the subject, if you’re getting emails from us and want them to stop, reporting the emails as spam is NOT the proper solution. We provide opt-out links in the emails, a set of email preference on our Subscriber Services site (on the “Your Profile” page), and you can contact Customer Service to request to be added to the Do Not Email list.

Finally, we want to point out that we’re working on logic to suppress email addresses for subscribers that are quite simply ignoring the emails we send. We haven’t settled on the exact rules for that (how many emails delivered? How many days without opening one?), but I’ll post here again to explain what we do. In the meantime, if you’re afraid of being dropped from a given list/campaign/type of email, open one up if it was sent within the last 14 days.

Our new Food+Home section debuts this Sunday! Be sure to check it out!

Our new Food+Home section debuts this Sunday! Be sure to check it out!

re pdf and epub: The subject of epub came up a few months ago, and I wish you could convince Olive to again make epub format available from OMV mode. (That used to be possible via switching from OMV to ODE mode, but that option no longer exists.) The epub format has two great advantages for mobile devices: It is quite compact, and you can save multiple epub files, each containing the Chronicle contents for one day.


Again, agreed!  I’ll have to ask Olive about this.  There’s no true reason for not letting OMV users switch to the ODE.  The site might format poorly on a mobile device and the Flash component of it would fail to load for most users, but the rest of the ODE is just HTML (and JavaScript), so there’s no reason it can’t be accessed.

And, yes, I remember that they took away the button that switches to the ODE, seemingly in favor of that Find & Save option.  (Not that that was Olive’s decision.  I’m sure it was a directive from our corporate offices that was applied to all of the Hearst newspapers.)  From a business/revenue perspective, I get it.  From a Customer Service perspective, it’s pretty lame.

But an even better solution would be to work those file download options into the OMV’s toolbar, eliminating the need to switch to the ODE!

Also, I believe Olive is working on enhancements to its platform so I may just need an updated roadmap rather than to ask them a bunch of questions.  We shall see…

How can I put a vacation hold on my paper?


Keep in mind that this question has been answered before.  We strongly recommend that you utilize this blog’s archives and the tag cloud to research topics.  You may not be able to search for “vacation hold” or “put paper on hold,” but you could search the blog for “vacation.”

That said, you can use our Subscriber Services site at  If you’ve registered before, log in and you’ll find an option to put your print delivery on hold.  If you’re not registered, you must do so in order to use the site.

You can also call Customer Service at 800-310-2455 or 415-777-7000.  Those numbers go to our automated phone system which can handle vacation holds.  You can also say “agent” at the main menu to get into the queue to speak to a CSR.  The only real reason to speak to a CSR for a vacation hold would be to put in a vacation request that exceeds 90 days in length.

Also of note: if you found this blog on Google or a similar search engine, you were probably also given a link to the Subscriber Services site.

re: pdfs. Thanks to another "anon" for the research. The problem with the disproportionately sized pages is that it outruns the memory of the Kindle HD tablet that I use to read the pdf SF Chronicle. It causes the Kindle pdf viewer app to crash. On a desktop/laptop with more sophisticated systems, it doesn't matter. This needs to be fixed.


Agreed.  This issue will be true for virtually all mobile devices trying to use the PDF copies.  While not as aesthetically pleasing, you do have the ePub option* when downloading editions from the ODE.

To be fair, PDFs are rarely mobile device friendly.  That may change in this era of much more powerful phones and tablets (I’m looking at you, “A7” style SoCs), but older devices would still struggle.  This is probably a matter of opinion more than fact!  Speaking of opinion, I’d also argue that PDF is a flawed format that could stand to be refined.

* Notably, those ePub files won’t play nice with most kindles.  The Fire series should have apps available to open them.  Android and iOS, for sure, have ePub-compatible apps.  (In fact, iBooks can probably open them for the iOS folks out there, and that app should come pre-installed once iOS 8 is publicly released.)

I saw your comment on the unusually large size of the pdf file for 6/23/14, and can add some information. The offending page was A7 (122 megabytes out of 144 for the whole paper). Besides text, it contained two ads (CalPERS and Peninsula Del Rey), and also a Chronicle photo and graphic on sudden oak death. The problem might be in the graphic, but that's just a guess.


Thanks for taking the time to research that!

I’ll relay this to our editorial systems team and see if there’s anything we can do for the future.